5 Reasons you need to grow a beard this winter

So you're most of the way through Movember, the Arctic cold is blistering your bare face and the only silver lining is the thermaled upper lip that you have from your effort at growing at moustache?

Here are our timely reasons why the time is now to go whole hog and grow that winter beard...

Skin protection

Scientific research shows that a full and thick beard can help block out up to 95% of the suns harmful UV rays, protecting your delicate skin from visible skin damage and the chances of getting skin cancer.

An extra layer

Your winter beard will act as a barrier of protection, a thermal and physical protection agains the elements. Not to mention the added comfort and confidence boost

Keeps the skin moisturised

Your daily face routine will likely wash away the natural oils that your skin needs to help keep it moisturised. Your winter grow will allow you to maintain healthier skin as you won't be constantly washing away the natural oils which keep your skin to feel energised.


Ok so there is no denying the fact that your facial fuzz will need some pruning and attention to make sure its looking its just so but imagine the time that you will save from managing to cut out that full morning shave. Fit something more productive into your morning schedule, quite what is up to you!

Beard the best

Your beard is in good hands with our Hamilton's beard care range. A beard oil will help keep your beard looking healthy as well as maintaining that heathy skin underneath. Our signature vanilla and lime is great for beginners.


When you've got some growth move onto Black Ceder and Bergamot Beard Balm, ideal for keeping your beard and skin moisturised but with that added hold to help style and shape your beard and keep those waifs and strays at bay.



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