Blue Monday? Here's How To Kickstart Your Year!

On the most depressing day of the year here are some lifestyle hacks to help give you that much-needed boost.

Here is the real way to kick-start your year…

Ok so we’re half way through the month, those unrealistic new years resolutions are already out of the window and you’re already dreaming of’re not the only one.

These are not new years resolutions but small lifestyle changes that are a sure fire way to get you back on track and one step ahead of the pack.

Plan ahead

Start the week as you mean to go on. Ensure that you’re up that bit earlier than you need to be on a Monday morning but with everything already done. No last minute ironing of shirts and meal prep.

Have your workweek wardrobe ready on a Sunday for the full week ahead.

Each night write a to do list for the following day – make sure you ‘eat the frog’ first, in other words get the big jobs out of the way early on before they begin to weigh you down..

Get your weeks meal prep done on a Sunday night this will save you a lot of time during the week and allow you to focus on more important projects…

Stay Healthy

Lets be honest dry January sounds like a good idea right? But for some let’s face it, it’s unrealistic. It certainly helps to have a major cut down after your inevitable December blow out. Try sticking to just the odd glass on an evening at the weekends. Staying dry during the week should make a huge difference and you’ll definitely feel less sluggish first thing on a morning.

Cook more, forget convenience and make time, eat healthy and cut out the take-aways.

Find a workout regime that works for you. Only 3 hours a week and you’ll see changes it can mean the difference between couch potato and becoming the best version of who you want to be. Not only that but it’s a great stress reliever, will improve your fitness and mean a happier you.

Get some rest

We all know that we need 8 hours sleep a night to be at our most productive the next day, think not only of this but also the benefits to your physical appearance. We all need that beauty sleep.

Go to bed early…but get up early. There is something to be said for getting up that bit earlier. Getting up that little bit earlier frees you of that chaotic morning rush, frantically running around the house to find a clean suit and then grabbing a measly bit of toast before rushing out of your front door. Allow yourself that extra time for a fresh and nutritious breakfast and a coffee before even leaving the house. That extra hour can give you time to wake up fully before going full steam into the day ahead.

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