What Is Collagen?

Every wondered what and why we put certain things in our products for you? Well to clear everything up, we've put an outline of one of our favourites, Collagen, below - don't worry though, it's not a science lesson!

Short Story:


Collagen is a structural protein produced by your body to give strength and elasticity to your skin and connective tissue. It is essentially the ‘glue’ that holds your body together.









Full Story:


Collagen holds us together but the natural production decreases over time. Collagen gives our skin elasticity and strength but with the reduced production comes visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles, lack of moisture, looser skin and roughness – think your baby nephews face versus Grandma’s…


Numerous studies have shown that over just an 8 week period, adding collagen to your daily grooming routine can significantly reduce the signs of ageing, and starting sooner rather than later is the best idea you’ll have all week.


If you’re wanting to halt those signs of ageing appearing or getting worse, collagen is your number one weapon! Applying a high collagen moisturiser first thing in the moring and last thing at night will help you retain that youthful elasticity and stop those wrinkles in their tracks.


If you haven’t already, take a look at our Hyper-Strength Hydrator moisturiser with added collagen to deliver the exact amount to keep you looking your best.


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